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Partners: Training

Lifesaving Care

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Fire Rescue Partners

  • Treatment by first responders (fire rescue/emergency medical services personnel) including use of specialized EMS protocols for overdose and acute withdrawal to minimize precipitating symptoms. 
  • Patient transfer to specialized care.

Presenter: Houston Park is an EMT-paramedic and a retired fire captain in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Specialized Stabilization

Hospital Emergency Departments Providing Addiction Specialty Services

  • Treatment strategy in an emergency department.   
  • Assessment and treatment for emergent unmet health needs.  
  • Staff roles and transition to long-term treatment facility. 

Presenter: Steven Keehn, DO, FACOEP is a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician. Since 2013, he has been affiliated with HCA Florida JFK North Hospital, in West Palm Beach, Florida, serving as medical director.

Sustainable Recovery

Behavioral and Medical Clinics Providing Long-Term Addiction Care

  • Long-term care and wrap around support.
  • Treatment team needed to support long-term recovery.  
  • Long-term treatment services needed.  

Presenter: Courtney Phillips, MD is board certified in general psychiatry and addiction medicine. Dr. Phillips serves as the statewide director of Opioid Recovery.